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Star Wars The Old Republic is the first MMO release By bioware, and we at TaultUnleashed will give you access to all the tools to totally dominate the games leveling, farming, pvping, and questing aspects.

You are going to find credit dupes to earn more money, leveling exploits to hit max level extremely fast, questing bugs to help you exploit the games mechanics, leveling guides to help you find the fastest way to level, and a plethora of in game hacks and bots here.

tu logo miniNot only will you get access to our extensive Star Wars The Old Republic section, but you gain access to every game we have here and all future games we support as long as you premium. Also all SWTOR premium members will gain access to which is the worlds leading hacking and botting software. It allows you to easily bot your characters in game, and use radar hacks to help with pvp, leveling, and farming.

Star Wars The Old Republic Cheats & Exploits
SWTOR Leveling Cheats
Learn how to manipulate quests to level easier in the game. From bugging out the xp rewards, to finding ways to instantly end quests, to finding ways to kill mobs for easy xp.

SWTOR Credit Exploits
Learn all the ways professional players are farming credits in the game. Through in game bugs, manipulating trades with players, and finding ways to make to make quests drop more loot / credits than they should.

SWTOR XP & Currency Dupes
sith miniLearn all the major swtor credit dupes when they are released. Don't be one of the players that only find out about dupes in patch notes stating they have been fixed. We also have tons of xp dupes to help you in leveling. If there is a dupe out there, you can be assured we will have it here.

Latest Star Wars The Old Republic Cheats & Exploits
» RE mods crafted by other players.
» SWTOR Bug - Have Explosive Barrels Do Potentially 10k Damage
» SWTOR Bug out daily blue box mission reward
» Killing any flash point/ops boss melee only mob solo
» Voidstar bug - jump through force field in last room.
» Epic exploit with legacy - mail BM/War hero gear.
» [Republic Only]Social Points Exploit.
» Sith Warrior Unlimited Companion Affection

Star Wars The Old Republic Leveling Guides & Farming Secrets
galactic miniSWTOR Leveling Guides / Secrets
SWTOR is the same as most MMOs in how it can be a pain to hit the max level to actually enjoy the best content. We have in game guides that show you all the locations you need to easily hit max level. Our guides will show you what swtor mobs to kill, what quests to take, and secrets to speeding up quests. Also we have all the information the leveling guide only sites try to sell you. Those sites update maybe once a month while we are constantly adding new information.

Latest Star Wars The Old Republic Guides & Secrets
» SWTOR: Guides - Killer, Aeon, Savior, Secrets, Wealthy Hutts
» SWTOR Trick To Make Credits Easily (GTN Abuse)
» SWTOR Empire Chests and Slicing Node On A Quick Timer
» SWTOR Aeon Leveling Guide
» Bonus Boss in Kaon (KR-82)
» Companion Affection exploit, no strings attached (BH Quest)
» Ilum Boss 5 min respawn (orange/blue/purp) - make millions
» Increased Drop Rate
SWTOR Farming Guides & Secrets
Have you seen a player in SWTOR that seems to have a ton of high level items or credits? They are gaining those from the secrets in our guides secret here. We are always adding new ways to reach datacrons, secrets areas for high level drop mobs, and guides that show you step by step ways to earn credits easily.

SWTOR Questing Guides & Secrets
Whether you need help in early quests, or late end game quests we can help you. We have tons of new quests being added, and if you ever need a little bit of help, you can just request a guide. We will have a guide created for you specifically showing you the best way to complete a quest.

Star Wars The Old Republic Bots & Hacks
SWTOR Leveling & Farming Bots
We are known for our SWG botting community, which has created almost every famous bot out there. Well they have all moved onto SWTOR so expect more of the same greatness all over again. However the people at MMOViper will have their very own bot that members get access to as well.

SWTOR Radar & More Hacks
Our hacks are surpassed by none. In SWG we had hacks that crashed game worlds, gave you god mode, instantly maxed your levels, and so much more. With these hacks you can make a fortune of credits, dominate in pvp, and level as fast as you want.

SWTOR In Depth Macros
gun miniLearn how to make your own SWTOR in game and out of game macros. In game for players that want to play legitly but with an extra flair, or out of game ones to help you complete mundane activities such as crafting, farming, or leveling in the game.

Latest Star Wars The Old Republic Bots Hacks & Macros
» Stand-Alone Space Mission Bot
» Lyn Multihack 1.1.0b Hacked - God Mode
» SWTOR - Beta ares pvp bot
» SWTOR - Hunting Bot (MMOViper)
» SWTOR Crew Skill Bot - Fully Automated
» SWTOR Remote Access
» Anti AFK trainer.
» Working SWTOR Speed Hack

Bonus Membership Perks
Access To MMOViper
MMOViper has been around since the days of Everquest 1. They have been making all sorts of leveling bots and hacks for some of your favorite games out there, and now you get access to all those. Normally MMOViper costs 27$ per year, but with a premium membership at TaultUnleashed you get it for FREE.

Cash & Prizes For Being An Active Member
We like to always give back to our community and we are doing it through TU Bucks. You get tu bucks for posting, helping members, entering contests, and submitting new things. Then you can turn those in for membership extensions, real life prizes, or just straight cash. The choice is yours..

mmoviper miniGet Help From Over 1,000,000 Members
So why are we emphasizing this? Well its because you can get so much more from a giant community. New patch comes out? Well learn the latest things going out. New game comes out? Find out all the great exploits for it. Need help on a quest? Well your chances have gone up for getting that help easily.

A Real Company
This is not one of the 1000+ random sites out there that claim to have hacks only to be a scam. We actually have a staff that works on finding new things. Programmers over at MMOViper actually work making new things for you to enjoy. We are a real registered company and not just some kid.

Features Overview
MMO Cheats & Exploits
mini cheats
Access the best leveling cheats to hit max level quickly, the top farming exploits to help you become rich, and the underground dupes that always end up here first.
MMO Guides & Secrets
mini guides
Learn how the pros level quicker than you, know all the underground farming spots, get help on every quest in every game you play instantly.
MMO Bots & Hacks
mini bots
Go to bed and wake up with new levels and new in game look / currency, or just use some hacks to gain the upper hand on other players.

FREE MMOViper Membership
mini mmoviper
Gain access to by far the best leveling bot site in existence, and they also have the number 1 rated in game radar hacks out there.
Earn Real Cash & Win Prizes
mini cash
Share information and be an active member of the community to get real life cash or win awesome prizes.
Information From Pay Sites
mini cash
We not only have all those other sites information, but even more in depth information. Don't let them steal your money, go with a trusted company.

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  • Harvesting Bots
  • Access Multiple Games

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I joined the site a few years ago and am still a dedicated member of the team. Originally i joined for wow but as the years have gone on i am now playing other games...

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The best site i found.
Joined for starcraft 2. Got the guides i was looking for and a few trainers which helped me online. That's all i was really after and now I'm just waiting for diablo 3 to come out.

Membership Paid For Itself
I managed to make around 100 plats so far which is about 25 bucks if i where to buy them online so the site has paid for itself in my opinion.


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